Belgian Damask

The term 'Belgian Damask' refers to woven and knitted mattress ticking of Belgian origin. Maes is synonymous with 100% Belgian top quality, which in this rapidly evolving sector is quite a challenge.

Belgium has long been internationally renowned for its creative, high-quality and thriving textiles industry. The term 'Belgian Damask' stands for high-quality mattress ticking of Belgian origin, both knitted and woven.

Maes is a leading producer of Belgian Damask and has been specialising in the creation and production of high-grade woven and knitted fabrics since the 1960s. Everything is done in-house and on Belgian soil. For four generations, our family has been synonymous with 100% Belgian top quality. To be able to continue to guarantee this quality, we have consciously decided to continue to invest in our Zwevegem site in the future.

Our mattress ticking production complies with the strictest Belgian environmental laws. Sustainable business practice with the greatest respect for people and nature is essential to us. Despite the high wages in our country, we continue to invest in experienced and motivated employees. In this way, we contribute to the Belgian economy and the social prosperity in the region. Moreover, our central location, in the heart of Europe, offers many benefits. We can deliver fast and flexibly and reduce our company's environmental footprint.